5 Winning Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Globally, 16% of all companies have moved to be completely remote. While managing a remote team there can be many challenges and obstacles that you are faced with. It can be difficult when you don’t see your team face to face every day.

Managing a remote team and wanting to be successful? Read the top 5 winning tips for managing a remote team here in this article!

Tip #1 – Daily Check-Ins

Making sure to check in daily with your team is very important. This is important because it gets rid of having any miscommunication or misunderstanding by making sure your team is on the same page every single day. It may not feel necessary to check in with your team every day but many of your remote employees may find it beneficial for their work.

Tip #2 – Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is at our disposal take advantage of it. There are a lot of things that technology is capable of doing and it’s important to utilize that with your remote team. Many technological tools can be beneficial for your team such as zoom, which allows you to chat over video with your team.

Looking for a good online platform to use for your remote team? Check out mytimein.io for an easy platform to use. Technology was made to make your life easier so use it to your advantage.

Tip #3 – Organization

With everything being online and remote it’s important to stay organized. It’s easy to lose information and files when you aren’t working out of specific office space. The organization is extremely important when it comes to managing a remote team.

If you’re not organized then how will your team be organized? Without organization, things will not run smoothly.

Tip #4 – Encourage Remote Employees

Working for company remoting can have its challenges especially when it comes to motivation. It’s hard to get things done when there’s a lack of schedule or face-to-face contact with your coworkers or managers.

It’s important to stay positive for your team and encourage their remote work. It’s also very important to mentor your team and not belittle your team. Encouragement for your team will lead to their success.

Tip #5 – Over-Communicate

Communication is extremely important, make sure you are constantly checking your emails and messages to ensure that your remote employees have easy ways to contact you. Running a remote company can be difficult when theirs a lack of communication.

This has a lot to do with checking in on your remote workers daily and making sure there is an easy line of communication for your employees to contact you.

Managing Your Remote Team

Managing a remote team has its challenges but there are plenty of simple solutions to running a remote company smoothly. Enjoy the top 5 winning management tips and apply them to your work today!

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