5 Telltale Signs You Need a Window Repair or Replacement

Are you questioning whether it’s time to get replacement windows? It’s always smart to take stock of your windows’ health. And while not every situation requires immediate attention, there are some clues that window maintenance should be in your future.

Read on to discover 5 telltale signs you need a window repair or replacement!

1. Cracks Require Window Maintenance

Cracks in your window are a clear sign of damage that may require window repair. In some instances, epoxy might be sufficient to fix the window. But in other instances, replacement windows may be the only solution.

Though not as damaging as cracks, scratches are another indication that your windows have seen better days. When your windows look damaged, you can boost your home’s curb appeal by investing in new ones.

2. Check Your Utility Bills

Are your utility bills gouging your budget? When your heating bills are higher it might not be because of your furnace malfunctioning. You may need to call a window company to install more energy-efficient windows.

Older homes with older windows may lack the insulation capacity of newer windows. When you’re busy shivering, it’s time to seek window service.

3. Leaks Could Indicate a Need for Window Repair

Noticing stains on your walls or ceilings could indicate you have leaks in your home. And there’s a good chance these originated with a window. 

In fact, you may just need to pursue replacement windows. Find more info here when you need to swap out your double pane windows. You don’t want moisture to cause rot in your drywall or wood frames!

And if your window is letting in moisture, it’s probably letting in noise, too. If you can hear your neighbors talking or city traffic, you have a problem that can disrupt sleep.

4. Do Your Windows Feel Drafty?

When it’s cold outside, your windows should provide some insulation from the temperatures and wind. But if you’re feeling chilly when you sit by a window, that could mean it’s not doing its job.

A professional can repair damaged seals or suggest new frames. It’s worth making the repair to avoid letting in too much moisture or cold air.

5. Watch for Stubborn Windows

Struggling to open a window means you may need some window repairs. Hinges could be rusty, and the window frame may get stuck because the house has settled. And if you’re in an older home, layers of paint can be causing issues, too.

When you walk outside, you may notice that the casings or wood around your window look worn. If you see rotting wood or damaged casings, reach out to a window company. They may be able to complete a repair and help you stave off a window replacement.

Get the Window Maintenance You Need

Making a window repair can help your home look and feel better. You’ll establish better insulation and avoid signs of mold or rot indoors. And if you’re not sure what approach to take, a window company can handle the heavy lifting.

When you’re ready to learn more home maintenance tips, check back for new articles.