5 Important Eco Friendly Tips for Businesses

Are you looking for ways to make your business more eco friendly? Do you wish there were some easy steps you could take to make a difference in caring for our planet?

More than 75 percent of what a small business throws out is not really trash. You can reuse or recycle a lot of it instead of sending it to the dump.

Everyone must do their part in conserving energy, and your business is no exception. Here are some great eco friendly tips that will make a difference.

1. Consider Energy Use and Sources

Switch to solar energy by installing solar panels on your building. There are federal and state incentives to support this transition so it’s a good time to make the change.

Reduce your energy use by changing older fixtures to ones that use less energy. Green lightbulbs are more energy-efficient and last longer, and they are a great way to practice energy conservation.

2. Check Your Insulation

Thermal insulation helps protect your facilities from outdoor weather conditions. This solution allows you to conserve energy over a short period.

Check shannonglobalenergy.com for some great ways to make your business more sustainable. They are experts in energy conservation solutions, and you will be supporting a more efficient business model as well.

3. Audit Your Waste Materials

Take the time to analyze your waste stream. You’ll find the types and amount of garbage your business throws out every week. You can find ways to reuse or recycle much of your waste.

By diverting some of your garbage, you’ll save money on disposal costs. Your team may suggest other ways to reduce the type of waste your business produces.

4. Try Reusable Office Supplies

We throw out millions of pens every day without considering the impact on the environment. Switch to using refillable pens.

Use dry erase boards or tablets to take notes instead of using paper or sticky notes. Make it difficult to print large volumes by requiring a budget code to track print jobs. When it costs a department to print handouts, your team will reduce the number of copies they use.

5. Shop Locally and Sustainably

When you purchase from a local business, you save on transportation costs and reduce the impact on the environment. Cultivate a network of like-minded local companies and find ways to support each other in becoming more sustainable.

Look for suppliers that keep their packaging to a minimum. Caring for the environment becomes a habit in your community when you work together. Together you will create a brand you can be proud of.

Try These Eco Friendly Tips Today

When you have some great eco friendly tips to use in your business, you’ll be happy that you can do your part for the environment. Your customers will be glad to hear that your business is reducing its carbon footprint.

Did you find this article helped you take some steps to improve your sustainability? Be sure to use our simple search feature to discover more valuable ideas for your business.