5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Your Small Business

While other social media sites have closed the gap in recent years, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform. That makes it the site you cannot avoid in terms of social media marketing.

Of course, you need a wider net in terms of overall company advertising and digital marketing. You should still start with Facebook as your first option for social media. You can branch out to other sites later.

Making an effective go of Facebook advertising isn’t something you achieve by luck. Keep reading for five Facebook advertising tips that will help you snag better results.

1. Profile Page Optimization

Your profile page will see a lot of traffic. That means you need it doing as much work as possible to convert visitors into customers.

Make sure you have a top-shelf cover image in place. Ideally, it’s one that highlights the brand or business name.

Also, include a link to your main business website. This is particularly important if you sell products or services online.

2. Content Calendar

There is some debate about the best times and days to post content, but you should absolutely be posting based on a content calendar. The calendar should set out exactly when and what kinds of posts should go up on particular days.

You can use that calendar to automate posting using Facebook’s own systems or third-party social media posting systems.

3. Target

You should spend some time developing a very clear ideal customer profile. That includes information like:

  • Age range
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Personality
  • Interests

You can even include information like political leanings and hobbies if you want. All of that information lets you target your advertising very carefully. Facebook even helps you out by letting you set these kinds of parameters for who sees the ads.

4. Video

Video is more difficult to produce, but it also gets you much higher engagement. People click on videos and routinely watch them to the end.

It’s also a great way to integrate things like your brand story, logos, slogans, and still talk about your products or services. That’s a lot of bang for your advertising buck.

5. Paid Advertising

Like most social media sites, Facebook allows you to do paid advertising, such as PPC for small businesses. These ads go out to those specific targeting criteria mentioned above.

Just as importantly, they get around a lot of those algorithmic features that drop things out of people’s active feeds.

Leveraging Facebook Advertising Tips

Leveraging the Facebook advertising tips above isn’t an overnight process. You can and should take things one step at a time. Otherwise, you’ll struggle with determining which strategies are giving you a decent ROI.

Implement each tip or the tips that look like they’ll work best for you one at a time. Once you see the results, move on to the next. That lets you keep or drop methods that give you the best results.

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