5 Amazing Benefits of Managed IT Services

A common problem with business owners and managers of all stripes is that they don’t realize the value of functioning IT until it isn’t. By some estimates, the average cost of IT downtime for even smaller companies is a staggering $5,600 a minute. This is the cost of non-functional systems, no customer service, reputational damage, recovery costs, and more.

Unless you have a dedicated, full-time IT team working on keeping your system up to scratch, you will likely experience expensive and damaging IT downtime. One way to avoid this without investing in a 50-person in-house IT staff is to use managed IT services. But what is managed IT, and how can it benefit your business? Read on to find out the key strategic benefits of managed IT. 

1. Fortune 500 Expertise for a Small Monthly Fee

Probably one of the most compelling benefits of a managed IT company is that you can get top-tier expertise and IT resources for a very small monthly fee.

If you use an affordable, trustworthy IT service provider such as CTCtechnologies.com, you instantly gain access to a dedicated team of IT experts and all of their tools. All of this is included in the service fee, which will always be considerably less than the cost of hiring even one dedicated in-house IT person. 

2. Managed IT Services Keep You Safe

Your company needs a functional information technology infrastructure to stay afloat. However, IT also comes with a huge range of cyber threats that could destroy your company.

All of us are just one successful hack away from devastation, which is why it is crucial to ensure that you have an airtight first line of defense. With the best managed IT services, you can guarantee cast-iron cybersecurity, provided by experienced IT experts. 

3. Save Some Serious Cash Over Time 

If you care about your bottom line, outsourced IT services should be on your shopping list. Even the most expensive, high-end managed IT services tend to cost less than the modest in-house IT resources.

Training, retaining, paying, and equipping an in-house IT specialist can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A managed IT service subscription costs a fraction of that. 

4. Keep Your Core Team On-Task 

How many times have your talented employees been distracted from their important tasks because of IT downtime? Perhaps the printer is broken, the servers won’t connect, or Zoom refuses to boot up.

When your employees are dealing with these inane IT problems, they are being kept away from their main task of growing your business. With a managed IT service at your disposal, you can leave it all to the professionals. 

5. Embrace True Scalability

A managed IT service is not a one-stop shop. When you purchase the services of such a team, you are also getting long-term options for scalability.

If your business grows and you need an IT infrastructure to match, your loyal managed IT provider will be there to build it and ensure it is the best that it can be. If you are thinking about tomorrow, invest in managed iT services today. 

Simple Tips for Better Business Practice 

Managed IT services can help you run a more cost-effective and resilient business in 2021. For more tips on better business practice, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our dedicated Business insights to learn more.