4 Common Injuries in the Workplace

An estimated 2.3 million people worldwide have work-related accidents every year. Most of these are attributed to slips and falls that, while minor, are a massive cause of days off work. However, not all common injuries at work are minor, and all of these injuries are financially catastrophic for business, and physically and psychologically disastrous for employees.

So, what are the most common workplace injuries and how can one avoid them? Keep reading to find out.  

1. Slips, Falls, and Trips

You can imagine that slipping, tripping, and falling make up the bulk of workplace injuries as these are so common in daily life too. 

These injuries occur for a number of reasons, including wet and slippery falls, a messy working environment with obstacles and debris on the floor, and inadequate lighting. 

While most of these types of workplace accidents are mostly minor, a bad fall can result in severe injuries such as broken bones or spinal cord damage. 

These injuries are easy to prevent. A work environment should always be clean, equipment packed away and hazards removed. 

2. Motor Vehicle Accidents 

This type of workplace accident is terrifyingly common amongst workers who drive as a part of their jobs. Car and truck accidents can be disastrous – caused by poor weather conditions, negligent driving, and faulty vehicles. 

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents can be extremely severe and even fatal. This is why it’s so important for employers to provide employees with adequate driving training and ensure that vehicles are in excellent working condition. 

3. Overexertion Injuries  

It’s all in the name — overexertion often leads to an injury at work, making it one of the most common workplace injuries. These sorts of musculoskeletal disorders are also the most costly injuries for businesses — both in terms of financial loss and loss of productivity. 

These injuries happen by overexerting oneself, for example with improper lifting, excessive pushing, holding, and carrying of objects.

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4. Repetitive Injuries 

Along with injuries caused by overexertion, injuries caused by repetitive motion make up the most costly workplace injuries. These injuries are collective, building up over time due to the use of small-range and micro-tasks repeated over and over again. 

These injuries are common in factory assembly lines. However, carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, is also commonly caused by using a computer — typing or using a mouse, for example. 

One can avoid injuries of this manner by taking breaks, using ergonomic equipment, and having training in ergonomics.

Common Injuries at Work Shouldn’t Be So Common 

Common injuries at work should not be taken lightly. They result in massive financial loss as well as psychological stress on the worker and lifetime physical disabilities. These injuries shouldn’t be so common, though. With the right procedures, training, and regulations, businesses and employees can work to reduce workplace injuries. 

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