4 Benefits of Nonprofit Video Production

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular website worldwide? Google reports that over 70% of households stream video on their TVs. Moreover, about 100 million people in the U.S. watch YouTube each month.

Considering these facts, it’s easy to understand why companies invest millions of dollars in video marketing. Nonprofit organizations can leverage the power of video content, too. The key is to use it as part of a well-thought-out marketing campaign.

Video production can result in higher traffic, greater exposure, and increased awareness for your cause. Plus, it can strengthen your brand and make it easier to build trust.

Need more proof? Below are four surprising benefits of video production for nonprofits. Let’s get into it!

1. Share Your Story with the World

About 85% of U.S. consumers watch online videos on their smartphones, tablets, or computers each month. Any of them could be a potential donor or someone looking to volunteer for your nonprofit.

Some of the best nonprofit videos out there went viral within hours. You, too, can create videos that tell your story in a compelling way and drive awareness for your cause.

Even in the absence of words, video content can be descriptive enough to provide insight into what your organization is all about. Look for a video producer who understands your story and can bring it to life. 

2. Educate the Public

Nonprofit videos allow you to educate the public about your cause and secure funding. It’s much easier to share information in the form of a video rather than write entire pages on your website and social media pages.

Video content is also more easily digestible than text. Retail Dive reports that 72% of consumers prefer video to written content for receiving marketing information.

3. Generate Awareness

Greenpeace, UNICEF, and other global organizations have millions of followers on social media. They also spend significant amounts of money to reach their target audiences and raise awareness.

The average nonprofit lacks the budget and resources to drive awareness at a global level. That’s where video production may help.

As a nonprofit, you can harness the power of video content to spread the word about your cause.

For example, you could hire a video production company to create a series of animated clips. Each video can tell a story or illustrate a concept that reflects your mission.

4. Increase Event Attendance

Nonprofits that organize stage performances, workshops, or other events often rely on the revenue driven by ticket sales. If that’s your case, you can use video marketing to increase event attendance.

Consider sharing behind-the-scenes shots, team videos, and other types of content to inspire and engage your audience. Give them a reason to attend the event and become part of your story. 

Leverage the Power of Video Production

In this digital era, video production should be a cornerstone of your nonprofit marketing campaign.

Think of it as a cost-effective way to reach and engage your target audience while sharing your story with the world. If you do it right, you’ll find it easier to secure funding and raise awareness for your cause.

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