3 Tips Every Graphic Web Designer Should Know

The graphic web designer market size reached $13.3 billion in 2022 in the U.S. It’s projected that this industry will grow by 1.9% by the end of the year.

Graphic design can help boost your brand awareness and name recognition among your target customers. Web design helps generate strong and attractive visuals that grab the attention of a new audience.

You can also save time and money when you hire a professional web designer. Poorly done graphic design will drive customers away from your product.

So, you might need to re-fix or re-do the mess, which can be costly.

There are various tips for web design that you should know to make a successful web designer. Here, we provide three tips every graphic web signer should know.

1. Use Contrasting Colors

Most people have known colors to express some emotion. Bright red get associated with urgency, blue implies tranquility, and purple represents royalty.

Your color choice will significantly influence the visitors’ reactions when visiting your website.

One big mistake graphic web designers make is choosing colors that lack contrast. Such colors include white, peach, light gray, and pink.

It’s recommended that you use high-contrast color palettes located directly across from each other. A good example, in this case, can be an orange and blue combination.

Besides, your color choice should give the website a cohesive appearance and feel. You can create a combination of one to three primary colors and one to three secondary colors.

2. Simple Fonts

Readability is essential when it comes to graphic web design. It’s advisable to use easy-to-read fonts to allow maximum usability of your business website.

Over-styled and super-condensed fonts will give your readers a hard time trying to get the overall meaning of your message. So, you’ll most likely send your target audience off your landing pages.

Remember that the fonts used can communicate your tone and personality. Beanstalkwebsolutions.com will ensure that your font choice matches the theme of your website.

3. Mind Your Alignment and Structure

Aligned elements create a structure across a page that leads the readers’ eyes to where you want them to navigate. Your items will create a haphazard feel without proper alignment across your web pages.

So, your target audience gets confused and, in the end, exits the page.

It would be best to condense your headings to avoid taking up to much space and align the text. Each line in the body of the text should have between 30 to 40 characters, including spaces.

That way, your content will be readable and paragraphs aligned with each other. Ensure your images are well aligned with a frame. You can also use a grid that makes images flush with your headings or bodies of text.

Graphic Web Designer

There are many web designers that you can choose for your small business website. Finding the right one to bring your vision to life can be challenging.

It’s advisable to hire one that has expertise in designing websites similar to your line of business operation.

Request some samples of work done before to give you a sense of what you should expect. Ensure that your graphic web designer is accessible if you need emergency consultations.

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