20+ Royal Back Hand Mehndi Design 2022

Mehndi is something that has been in our tradition for a long time now. When, in times of any special occasion that might take place in the family, Mehndi has become the first sign of the festive mood. This is one of the most commonly seen traditions during marriages. Whether it is the brides or the bridesmaids, you will be able to find Mehndi in everyone’s hands. Being a part of our culture, which is not only amazing but also looks great and gives a fun time with family, Mehndi is a ritual that women of all ages love to take part in. 

If you know, then in Indian tradition, mehndi remains a vital part of the entire marriage. An entire day is dedicated to mehndi, which makes it one of the best choices. The best part of this is that you get the chance to experiment with designs when it is about mehndi. You can create a unique royal back hand mehndi design that would define the personality of the bride. 

So if you are planning to get the mehndi designs in your hands, here are some of the most common royal backhand mehndi designs that you can choose for your special day. 

Go Traditional: 

One of the most popular and simple mehndi designs still remains for backhands is the traditional ones. The traditional designs are simply the ones that you have seen all of these years. These are the ones that can be identified very easily, and it again requires expertise to make these intriguing designs. 

One of the most common things that you will find in traditional designs is that you will be able to find a combination of multiple royal back hand mehndi designs and make it a big one. This can be seen in both the hands of the brides and also the bridesmaids. 

Beautiful Floral Touch: 

One of the most amazing things about this backhand design is its simplicity. You will find the range of floral designs that have been gathered in a very amazing way to create one. You can take different kinds of flowers, draw them uniquely and match them together to acquire the best royal back hand mehndi designs. You must know that floral designs are never out of fashion. 

Cage and Birds: 

This is considered the royal backhand mehndi design as this is something that has been around for a long time. Such designs require creativity and knowledge in creating the royal mehndi designs. You will mostly find the cages and birds in the designs, which completely make the design stand out from the rest. This is mostly a good choice for girls who have broad hands where it can become easy for the artist to paint the cage and the birds. 

This is simple yet exceptionally beautiful. It gives a unique yet fantastic look to your hands. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, this is something that can never go wrong. However, you should keep in mind that both hands are not a replica. There will be two different designs. 

Lotus Patterns: 

If you are not looking for something that is too much over the board or you want to go simple, then the lotus design is something that can be a good choice for the backhand. Different mehndi artists will be making different kinds of looks which makes it look amazing and beautiful. While there is a range of motifs that you can choose, lotus mehndi designs are something that adds a different kind of beauty and attraction to it. 

Jaali Design: 

This is another extremely trending mehndi design for backhands that would help to improve the look and appeal of your hands. Jaali designs can be said as net-like patterns that make the hand look like you are wearing a net. Its effects are being complemented by the use of florals and thereby maintaining the balance in both. You will fall in love with the simplicity and elegance of the mehndi design. 

Peacock Design: 

This is one of the most ancient royal back hand mehndi designs that can be witnessed in most of the people who are willing to make a royal design in the backhand. One of the most common things that makes this design stand out from the rest is the fantastic peacock designs included with the net designs on the backhand. 

This is definitely a great traditional design that offers a classic finish to the entire hand. You can do a lot of design with it and together make it look stunning. 

The Royal Touch: 

When it comes to choosing the best royal back hand mehndi design, this is one of the best choices that you can make. The royal designs consist of the historical attributes that represent the look of the monuments, which are mostly known among people. You can incorporate roses that look royal with the amazing royal back hand mehndi designs of the known monuments, which combine to create a fantastic thing. 

This is definitely a great choice for the people who are in love with history and would want to showcase their passion on their hands. You can choose to do any kind of historical attribute in your backhand to make it look exceptionally beautiful. 

Jewellery Design: 

If you are in love with accessories, you can choose the jewellery inspired designs. This can make your hand look like you are wearing an accessory. Besides, one of the most amazing parts of it is that this is one of those fantastic mehndi designs that would go with any type of look that you are willing to create on your wedding day. 

Bottom Line: There is no doubt that mehndi is one of the most auspicious events that you will love to incorporate in your special events. With the many royal back hand mehndi designs that we have incorporated in the list, it will make it easier for you to choose one and make your mehndi showcase your personality. 

Eventually, all you need is to make sure that you are choosing a talented mehndi artist who has the knowledge and experience in creating a range of mehndi designs. 

Pooja Ranavat

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